We restore typewriters for the good of humanity.

At El Granero, we breathe new life into vintage typewriters, merging the charm of the past with the spirit of the present. Every day, we send these treasures soaring across the globe to their new homes—like birds taking flight, carrying stories waiting to be told.

Imagine a world where every letter is sent, every novel reaches its last page, and every poem finds its audience. With our typewriters, the forgotten magic of manual typing is reborn, sparking creativity and connection in an age dominated by digital screens.

Our mission is fueled by a passion for history and the arts. We inspire storytellers, lovers, dreamers, writers, poets, and travellers, offering the perfect typewriter to unlock your creative potential.


Ania & Jacek

El Granero Typewriter.Company

Welcome to El Granero Typewriter Company – Your premier destination for authentically restored vintage typewriters. Situated near Malaga in Southern Spain, we pride ourselves as Europe's largest physical Typewriter Shop. Since our inception in 2013, we have catered to over four thousand satisfied clients from 73 countries.

At El Granero, we celebrate the charm and history of manual typewriters. Our extensive collection, handpicked and meticulously restored, includes pieces from renowned brands across various keyboard types and languages. Each typewriter is restored to its former glory by our skilled technicians, ensuring not only a piece of history but also a fully functional writing instrument that stands the test of time.

Each typewriter undergoes a rigorous restoration process, cleaned, adjusted, and serviced to meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics.

From rare antiques to beloved classics, our inventory is tailored to cater to both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers. 

We offer global shipping with comprehensive insurance, personalized gift options, and a robust one-year warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Every purchase is backed by exceptional customer service and technical support, enhancing your buying experience and ensuring lasting satisfaction

Our typewriters are designed to kick-start your creative journey, blending beautiful aesthetics with perfect functionality.

Explore our online shop to discover the perfect typewriter that resonates with your taste and spirit. Each purchase comes with the assurance of quality, a seamless shopping experience, and the joy of owning a timeless piece of history.

We are Premium Typewriter Shop Gift Shop with Serviced Manual Typewriters and Accessories.

★ Our Typewriters

We are crafting typewriters with Excellence! Discover the ease of buying typewriters that look great and work flawlessly. Meticulously repaired, cleaned, adjusted, and serviced by experienced technicians, our typewriters come with a newly installed ink ribbon. 

★ Gift Personalization

Gift wrapping is available for every purchase. Enhance your gift with our exclusive gift wrapping, personalized notes, and greeting cards.

★ Quality Typewriters & Accessories

We pride ourselves on our fully functional, reliable typewriters. With careful attention to every detail, our products promise both visual delight and immediate usability.

★ Typewriter Guarantee

Our extensive customer service includes worldwide shipping, legal customs documentation, pre-order advice, premium online technical support, and warranty provisions.

★ Worldwide Warranty

We are offering a Standard Year Warranty up to 2 Years Worldwide Warranty (based on the model), we provide comprehensive support. Please remember to send us a confirmation email within 14 days of delivery to activate the warranty. Report any transport-related defects within 7 days to ensure coverage.

★ Typewriter Repair Shop

Since 2013, we have been a hub for typewriter repair and restoration. As the largest physical Typewriter Shop in Europe, we offer over 500 diverse models to suit all preferences.

★ Clients & Typewriter Projects

Our typewriters have found fame in Hollywood and in the hands of many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Eddie Vedder, and Ruby Rose, who cherish our Olivetti typewriters. We work for poets from Arspoetica 

★ Worldwide Shipping

Packaged meticulously and wrapped for protection against all elements, our products are insured fully for delivery. We provide updates on delivery and options for standard, economy, and priority shipping across various countries. Please share your contact number for a smooth delivery process.

★ Special Occasions & Faster Shipping

Whether seeking a special gift or personal treasure, we stand ready to assist. Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries or requests.

★ Estimated Delivery Times

Standard - Economy: 10-21 days (USA & Canada), 3-10 days (EU), 10-21 days (Australia & New Zealand), 5-21 days (Elsewhere)Fast - Priority: 3-5 days (USA & Canada), 1-2 days (EU), 4-6 days (Australia & New Zealand), 3-6 days (Elsewhere)

Expedited shipping includes trackable numbers and our premium customer support.

★ Legit Business

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the Premium Typewriter Shop on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Our workshop specializes in restoring typewriters to perfect working conditions. Our company is a legitimate and registered business in Spain and the European VIES database.

★ Contact Us

Your satisfaction is our priority. For any questions about shipping or estimated delivery dates, please contact us.

Thank you, and warm regards, 

Ania and Jacek

ElGranero Typewriter Company


Slim. Racy. Shiny chrome fenders. If we're going back to the Fifties, I plan to fake it 'til we make it: typing recipe cards and indexes, letters and notes-to-self. Thank you for your service with a smile.



One of the most amazing sellers I have ever worked with they packaged amazingly and made it so special for my wife birthday thank you so much would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing seller



My Olivetti typewriter was delayed in shipping (through no fault of the seller) but when it arrived it was expertly packaged for shipping and arrived in excellent condition. When I contacted the seller about the delay in its arrival, the customer service immediately contacted the shipper and they were able to give me an updated estimate on the arrival date.The typewriter is beautiful and fun to use.



I would like to highly recommend this vendor, the product arrived as described and on time. I needed it to arrive by a certain time for a birthday gift and they were accommodating and responsive. The typewriter arrived on time and beautifully wrapped, even with a little typed “Happy Birthday” note. I'm very pleased with the purchase and would without question buy from them again - thank you so so very much!!!


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Welcome to Europe's largest physical Typewriter Shop! With over 500 models available in various languages, keyboard types, and from different typewriter brands, we're sure to have the perfect typewriter for you. Our team is always happy to assist you, so don't hesitate to give us a call.


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